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Andrea's Accessories Store-Lego

Try out all the latest fashions at Andrea’s Accessories Store.
Andrea’s Accessories Store stocks stylish pieces including a wig, skirt, handbag and hair bows. It also has a fitting room with spinning function, sewing machine, scooter and 2 mini-doll figures.
Browse the displays at LEGO® Friends 41344 Andrea’s Accessories Store, including a wig, textile skirt, handbag, hair bows and perfume. The fitting room with mirror spins around to reveal Andrea’s new look to her friend. This fun fashion shop set also includes a sewing machine, cash register, loudspeakers and a stand for Dexter the dog, plus a super-cool scooter for Andrea to get around Heartlake City. Includes 2 mini-dolls plus a dog figure.
Number of Pcs:294
Age Group:6-12

Aragog's Lair-Lego

Face Aragog and the spiders in the Forbidden Forest!

Get set for a spider showdown in the Forbidden Forest with this exciting LEGO® Harry Potter™ 75950 Aragog’s Lair play set, featuring Aragog and his colony of spiders, plus a buildable tree with web shooting function. This fantasy building set recreation from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets includes 2 minifigures and a buildable Aragog spider.
Number of Pcs:157
Age Group:7-14

Arctic Air Transport-Lego

Recover the find of the century with the Arctic Expedition Quadrocopter!
Haul in discoveries with the Arctic Air Transport, featuring a quadrocopter with 4 rotors and winch, plus an ATV, ice block with ‘frozen’ saber-toothed tiger, and 2 minifigures.
Carry precious items with the LEGO® City 60193 Arctic Air Transport, featuring a heavy-duty quadrocopter with 4 spinning rotors, ski landing gear, opening minifigure cockpit and a functioning winch with rope and hook. This fun Arctic Expedition set also includes an ATV with 2 pick axes, saw, translucent-blue ice block with hook latch, opening side and ‘frozen' saber-toothed tiger figure, plus 2 LEGO explorer minifigures.
Number of Pcs:277
Age Group:6-12

Arctic Exploration Team-Lego

Hop on the snowmobile and lead an Arctic Expedition!
Recover a cool artifact from the ice with the Arctic Exploration Team and haul it back to base, featuring a snowmobile, detachable trailer and ice block, plus 3 minifigures and a dog figure.
Discover incredible things with the LEGO® City 60191 Arctic Exploration Team set! This LEGO City Arctic Expedition set features a snowmobile with trailer hitch, trailer and storage box, plus an ice block element holding an insect encased in ice, saw, camera and a pair of snowshoes. Includes 3 LEGO minifigures and a LEGO husky dog figure.
Number of Pcs:70
Age Group:5-12

Arctic Ice Crawler-Lego

Find cool discoveries with the Arctic Ice Crawler!
Walk across hard terrain with the Arctic Ice Crawler, featuring an articulated arm and posable legs, plus an ice block with removable section, a minifigure and a rodent figure.
Recover incredible things with the LEGO® City 60192 Arctic Ice Crawler, featuring an opening minifigure cockpit, posable legs and an articulated arm with opening claw gripper, plus an ice block with removable translucent-blue section and rodent figure, a mug and a saw. This Arctic Expedition set includes a LEGO explorer minifigure.
Number of Pcs:200
Age Group:6-12

Arctic Scout Truck-Lego

Join the Arctic Expedition and make big discoveries!
Retrieve samples from the tundra with the half-track Arctic Scout Truck, snow bike, ice wall and an ice cave. Includes 3 minifigures, plus polar bear and dog figures.
Explore the harsh terrain with the LEGO® City 60194 Arctic Scout Truck, with front tracks and 4 all-terrain wheels, antenna, lights, onboard analysis station, space for other equipment, and a loading bay for the snow bike with moving track. This fun set also includes an ice wall/arch with translucent blocks and sonar beacons, coring tool, plus an ice cave with translucent blocks and room for the polar bear figure. This LEGO City Arctic Expedition set also includes 3 LEGO explorer minifigures and a dog figure.
Number of Pcs:322
Age Group:7-12


Get ready for high-speed action and impacts with the BASH!
Enjoy high-speed action with the 2-in-1 LEGO® Technic BASH!, featuring a powerful pull-back motor, sturdy front bumper, large rear spoiler, wide black rims and crash impact function.
Experience the amazing power and acceleration of this rugged, high-speed LEGO® Technic 42073 BASH! race car model, featuring a red, black and gray color scheme with racing stickers, sturdy front bumper, large rear spoiler and wide black rims with low profile tires. This advanced building set is equipped with a pull-back motor, and an engine pop-out function, which is activated on impact. Combine with the 42072 WHACK! pull-back model for extended play possibilities or to create the WHACK! ‘N' BASH! combi model.
Number of Pcs:139
Age Group:7-14

Batman™: The Attack Of The Talons-Lego

Pursue the Talon Assassins™ with Batman’s Bike!
Take on the Talon Assassins™ with Batman’s dual stud-shooting Bike, in this Batman™: The Attack of the Talons set with 3 minifigures and an Ace the Bat-Hound™ figure.
Team up with Batman™ and Ace the Bat-Hound™ to defeat the Talon Assassins™ in LEGO® DC Super Heroes 76110 Batman: The Attack of the Talons, featuring Batman’s Bike with a dual stud shooter and attachment points for the included pack of assorted Bat weapons and elements. This set includes 3 minifigures with weapons to boost the role-play battle action.
Number of Pcs:155
Age Group:7-12


Play with and display your own brick-built BB-8!
Build a cute LEGO® brick version of BB-8, featuring a wheel-activated rotating head and opening hatch with non-functioning welding torch, plus a display stand, fact plaque and small BB-8 figure.
This faithfully reproduced LEGO® Star Wars incarnation of the diminutive BB-8 droid from the new Star Wars movie trilogy makes the perfect gift for any Star Wars or LEGO fan. Turn one wheel at the side to rotate the detailed head, and another to open the access hatch and extend the ‘welding torch'. This faithfully reproduced model also comes with a display stand, decorative fact plaque and small BB-8 figure, making it a great display piece for any bedroom or office.
Number of Pcs:1106
Age Group:10-16

Belle's Story Time-Lego

Join Disney Princess Belle at a fun tea party with her castle friends!
Have tea in the park before reading Disney Princess Belle’s favorite story with her friends Chip, Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth, with a tower, spinning picnic table, trolley and a fountain.
Plan a tea party and enjoy story time with Disney Princess Belle and her friends in this fun LEGO® Juniors 10762 Belle’s Story Time set! The set featuring a princess castle with Starter Brick element, balcony with a magic rose under glass, turrets and a spinning turntable. There's also a park base with spinning picnic table, buildable water fountain and a trolley, plus a storybook element for Belle to read from. This LEGO | Disney Princess set includes a simple guide to build and play, to help build confidence in younger children ages 4+. Includes a mini-doll figure, cup and teapot figures, and a buildable Cogsworth figure.
Number of Pcs:87
Age Group:4-7

Bubbles' Playground Showdown-Lego

Help Bubbles defend the playground against Princess Morbucks!
Hop on the merry-go-round and take a spin through Bubbles’ Playground Showdown, featuring a mech suit, merry-go-round, lockers, lunch bench with catapult, 2 minifigures and an Octi figure.
Stage a LEGO® The Powerpuff Girls™ 41287 Bubbles’ Playground Showdown against Princess Morbucks! This fun set features a brightly colored spinning merry-go-round, rainbow slide with ladder, fully articulated, flexible mech suit with removable power gloves and 2 stud shooters, plus lockers with opening doors and a lunch bench with a catapult. 2 minifigures and an Octi figure are also included.
Number of Pcs:144
Age Group:6-12