Playfully Delicious

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2-In-1 Kitchen & Grill Set

Role-play cooking a delicious meal together with your child with this realistic 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set that includes metal accessories, clicking, turnable knobs and an adjustable clock.

Checkout Register

Cash or credit? This sturdy register lets you scan a card or pay with money. Play value: priceless.

Chef's Apron Set

Everything tastes better when you’ve got the right accessories.

Chef's Choice

Bread, cheese, vegetables, and imagination. What more do you need?

Chef's Cooking Set

A future chef can grow and thrive in the kitchen with this basic cooking set.

Cook & Serve Set

With the Cook & Serve Set’s wooden pot, pan, plates and accessories, your child has everything they need to cook a delicious meal for friends or family!

Cook 'N Serve Kitchen

A magnetic wand wiggles and worms marbles through this hand-held maze.

Double Flavored Birthday

It’s time for a birthday party; blow out the candles and have delicious strawberry and chocolate cake. The birthday child receives a birthday card while guests are served in style.

Fresh Fruit

Fruit break! Cut and serve fresh fruit for a healthy snack.

Garden Salad

Mix, toss, and serve a colorful garden salad.

Garden Vegetables

Cut and serve veggies to make every meal healthier.

Gourmet Grill (With Food)

Double-sided grates, a collapsible side table, moveable wheels and an open-and-close hood make this grill a gourme t's dream. Watch out for the hot coals! Food and accessories sold separately. Shish Kabob Basics Set - food and accessories - is included.